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FS Winter Leggings™

FS Winter Leggings™

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Don't worry about cold legs this winter!

FS Winter Leggings™ The World's Warmest and Comfiest Leggings

They are light and elegant, ideal for going out for a walk without having to wear a lot of clothes. You will be able to show off your body shape, be warm and elegant.

We've made these FS Winter Leggings™ protect your skin and prevent allergies while giving you the comfort you deserve.


Why FS Winter Leggings™?

Our leggings are made with thick comfortable cashmere linings that lifts the shape of your body and keeps you warm during the harsh winter months and withstand temperature of up to -20 celsius degrees.

✓ Warm, fluffy & warm
 Lined with thermal cashmere linings
 Comfortable and cozy for the winter months
 Flexible and fits the shape of your body
 Withstand temperature of up to -20 celsius degrees
 Soft outer polyester fabric that contours your body shape
 Ideal wear for both going out or staying home


The high-quality materials retain heat. They also have a very soft and pleasant feel, you'll want to take them with you wherever you go. They are ideal for temperatures up to 45 degrees.

Keeping You Warm No Matter the Occasion

Whether you're going for a hike, walking your dog, going out with your girls, or just lounging around at home, these FS Winter Leggings™ are designed to keep you warm and comfortable no matter the occasion.

Their elasticity and resistance allow them to be used for exercise, running, yoga, at home... without worrying about tearing or damaging the fabric.

Made with Love (and Soft & Flexible Outer Shell)

FS Winter Leggings™ are made using spandex and are lined with high quality fllece that is irresistibly soft and comfortable. This means they fit to your body type and give you curves in all the right places.

Extra Lifts for Your Body Shape

Our FS Winter Leggings™ are designed to lift and shape giving you gorgeous curves in all the right places. Our high waisted leggings are perfect for hiding those wobbles making you appear slimmer and more defined.


Staying Cozy for the Winter Months

These cozy thermal cashmere leggings are perfect for the harsh winter months, whether for going out or to wear at home. These can also withstand temperature of up to -20 celsius degrees.



Size Length (cm) Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
Thigh circumference (cm)
XS 92 56-80 74-90 44
S 93 60-90 78-100 48
M 94 64-100 82-110 50
L 95 68-120 86-120 52
XL 95 72-135 90-135 54



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