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Cable Organizer™

Cable Organizer™

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Always a lot of messy power cords at home?
Is there a security risk? Is the kitchen not neat enough?
Powerful and convenient design:This is a small cord organizer designed to solve the messy troubles of household wires. It allows you to easily wrap the wire with one hand.All your kitchen equipment wires will be in order.
It can be bent to adapt to more scenes of application, different curved surface of electrical products can also be stuck, and will not affect the use.
Wide application:Our cord organizer is suitable for more than 80% of household appliances, and can be applied to various kitchen equipment, such as stand mixer, coffee machines, air fryers, electric kettle, Toaster, pressure cooker, juicer.
Note: To ensure sturdy attaching, scrub and clean the surface of attached appliance with clean water before attaching the cord organizer. Allow no less than 6 hours to dry before use.


  • Material: Plastic

  • Color: White/Gray/Black

  • Quantity: 1 PCS/3 PCS/6 PCS

  • Item Weight: 0.3 kg

  • 1/3/6 * Cable Organizer™
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