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Anti Vibration Washing Machine Support

Anti Vibration Washing Machine Support

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Prevent skidding and reduce electronic movement.

Main Features

    • ✅Brilliant Assistant-Provides remarkable sound and vibration isolation ensuring a silent laundry time.
    • ✅High Quality-Made of durable rubber, The washing machine pads are designed to withstand and endure many years of washing and drying.

    • ✅Convenience-It conveniently lifts your appliance, making it easier for you to clean beneath your washing machine.
    • ✅Anti Noise-These pads work by making your machine stable. Reduce Noise, When its movement is minimized, its squeaks and grunts will be less as well.

    • ✅Muti Purpose-Multi-purpose washing machine mat:Suitable for washing machines, refrigerators, trolleys, washing machines, dryers, sofas, tables, beds, etc.!
    • ✅Fits All Size-Fits all washing machine/dryer sizes, It fits under your front or top loading machine without adding too much height.

Using Methods

    • Install the cushions on the feet of the furniture to reduce noise and effectively prevent moisture.

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