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Abundance Bonsai Money Tree

Abundance Bonsai Money Tree

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Abundance Money Tree

Citrine known as the "stone of wealth", "marketer's stone" or "stone of success".


For those who carry it or display it in their homes or offices, it is believed to serve as a money magnet, bringing business success, wealth and good fortune, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Positioning the Abundance Money Tree in the Earth sector (center) of the main family room is said to also improve harmony and bonds between family members.

Citrine is believed to dissipate negative energies of all kinds and will create mental wellbeing by ridding your mind off negative thoughts and clouded judgment which reduces self-destructive tendencies while stimulating joy, cheer and contentment. The good thing about Citrine is that it does not absorb any negative energies from its surroundings, and therefore does not need cleaning.

Product Details:

  • Item Type: Crystal Money Tree
  • Materials: Natural Stones, Copper Wire
  • Stones: Citrine
  • Base Diameter: 8cm | 3.1in
  • Sizeheight 19 cm (7.48in), 24 cm (9.44in)

      Package Content:

      • 1x Abundance Bonsai Money Tree

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