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We are Spiritual Beings with Human Experience

We are all spiritual beings with human experience, but due to dominant human experience our spiritual reality is suppressed.
Lord Krishna tries to advice Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita on how one need to reduce the domination of that human experience.
As soon as the domination of human experience is reduced the spiritual being in all of us will shine.    
How to reduce the human experience?
Is it necessary to wear orange robes and live in isolation?
Or do we need to add a prefix of “Swamy” and suffix of “dasa” or “ananda” to our name?
By shunning family, friends and avoiding comforts and only thinking of well-being of society do they help?
Though we do all this there is no guarantee that it can reduce the dominance of human experience. Amazingly they increase it.  
Then how can we reduce the domination of human experience? The most common factor that we find in all people who are on spiritual path is the quality that is so charming and enticing which we find on their faces due to – Tranquility! 
To reduce the dominance of human experience the only abet is quintessence of Tranquility. Spirituality is a way of life which brings tranquility within and Bliss is experienced. The human experience may give us the ability of face the society and live in it happily.
Happy living in society has never given the guarantee of peace of mind. Peace of mind can be retrieved back if the dominance of human experience is reduced. Peace of mind is within us it is the quality of the Self. All we need to do is to dust the layers of ignorance which cover the Self and we will find peace of mind.
Tranquility is attained when our potentials are used to the maximum and work for ourselves, our family, society and nation. The work should never be aimed at getting the resultant reward for our selfish needs.
We need to dedicate our talents and efforts to higher cause and doing so we experience tranquility within which provides peace of mind. To reach this level of understanding we need look into the lives of saints like Swamy Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and other people who experienced tranquility within them.
Each one of us has the unique ability to achieve and we do achieve but unfortunately due to the human experience dominance we are unable to channelize them for the higher cause.
Dedicating our talents and efforts to Absolute gives us the highest level of Tranquility. That Absolute Consciousness of the Universe is the one that supports our every breath and gives life to every cell in our body and makes us move and think.
When that Consciousness is responsible to make us move and think what is wrong in attributing that thought and deed to it back like what our Puranadara Dasa said, “Kereya Neeranu Kerege Challi Varava Padedava Rante Kaanero” (This is a analogy, when doing Sandhyavandana there is a gesture of lifting the water from the water body by cupping the palms and again pouring the water thus collected in the palm back to the water body.
Puranadara Dasa wants us to offer the wealth we got by the grace of Absolute to back to Him and be blessed.)
Reducing the dominance of human experience is a slow and gradual process and we need to shift our thinking and sense of values in a manner which does not shake or shock our family. There is no need to return all those we earn and deprive our family of their share and happiness.
All we can do is to earn in limit and not amass a lot for our fourth generation. 
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